Compare Wrestling to Martial Arts

After blended hand to hand fighting was legitimized with tenets and weight classes in 1997, it has consistently picked up fame, to the point where it is to a great extent perceived as a real game, nearby boxing and football. Then, proficient wrestling, which has been a pillar of TV and popular society since the expansion of showy behavior and dramatic skill in the mid-1950’s, has regularly battled with standard acknowledgment, for different reasons.
mixed martial artsRegardless of being two altogether different monsters, ace wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts are typically said at the same time. At their center, they’re the same: two warriors, with no hardware such as karate equipment, or cushions, duke it out for amazingness. Obviously, so much else isolates the two – acting skill, creation, demeanors, styles, authenticity – that it’s verging on out of line to contrast one with the other.  Be that as it may, numerous individuals do, thus might we. Indeed, even fanatics of both games ordinarily lean toward one, and the individuals who just like one have solid conclusions concerning why the other is no great. There are great contentions for, and against, both expert wrestling and MMA, a large number of which are highlighted underneath. Martial arts and traditional wrestling have more in common than you might guess. In both, the goal is to get your opponent to submit through physical restraint or to knock him to the ground. Both involve grappling and jostling for position to put your foe off-balance. In this way, judo and wrestling could be said to be first cousins.
Lastly we have wrestling and grappling styles which works mostly on the ground for attacks and defences. You have a large range of styles to choose from as well as an example you have Greco Roman wrestling, Catch wrestling, and freestyle too then the more grappling based arts are Judo, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Aikido and Sambo training too. I would recommend training in one wrestling style and also a grappling/ submission style also, may be catch wrestling and also BJJ.
So there you have it lots of tips of what to do to compile a great MMA training routine, but please remember try new styles all the time and integrate what works and throw away what is useless, being open minded it king!
The level headed discussion over star wrestling versus blended hand to hand fighting comes down to what you think about. Do you think about genuine, straightforward rivalry between two individuals with a serious yearning to win and be viewed as the best? On the other hand do you favor a conspicuous, over-the-top, choreographed, exceedingly physical execution, with scripted victors and washouts? Has star wrestling’s reputation of giving real wins to VIPs and non-wrestlers turned you off to it totally? On the other hand does MMA jogging out one strong, tattooed, barefooted muscle head after another drag you after for a spell?

Royal vs. Converse / Snooty Foxx vs. Otto

CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Episode #51 (5/4/16):
-Special Edition from Chapel Hill, NC!
-Aaron Biggs vs. Dirty Daddy
-Chet Sterling vs. Aric Andrews
-Nick Richards vs. Mecha Mercenary
-Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Number Man vs. Rising Generation League Champion Jesse Adler & Worldwide Television Champion Smith Garrett
-Arik Royal vs. PWI Heavyweight Champion Ric Converse
-Snooty Foxx vs. Otto Schwanz

Like what you see? CWF Mid-Atlantic runs between 30-40 live events each year; many of which emanate from the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium in the heart of the legendary NWA territory along Tabacco Road (1001 Springwood Ave; Gibsonville, NC). Aside from hosting live events, CWF also fully trains all prospective wrestlers and have had no less than two dozen compete for the WWE. For more information on training or to book the stars of CWF in your town, please visit us at,, or follow us on twitter @CWFMidAtlantic!

CWF Mid-Atlantic presents Homecoming 2016

The following event was posted on Facebook at this URL:

CWF Mid-Atlantic stars of the past and present come together under one roof on a special night where we celebrate our history and look forward to our future!

For the Pro Wrestling International Heavyweight Championship:
They are two men who helped build CWF Mid-Atlantic into what it is today. Between them, they’ve won 8 Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championships, 2 Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championships, 2 CWF Rumbles and 2 Weaver Cup Tournaments. Now they will fight it out for the Pro Wrestling International Heavyweight Championship and bragging rights of who wins what could be the final chapter in one of CWF’s most historic rivalries.

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion TREVOR LEE will be in the house, watch for updates to this event page AND our twitter feed @cwfmidatlantic for the champ’s match announcement in the coming days!

Scientific Wrestling Match – No Closed Fists, No Fighting on the Floor!
Coach Gemini issued this challenge to Richards at our last event and it’s now official: 2 of CWF’s wildest. craziest wrestlers will meet in a match with restricted rules meant to enforce pure scientific wrestling that according to the Coach, “would make Johnny Weaver proud.” Tempers have been flaring between both for months but pure wrestling will govern the rules in this bout.

Special Challenge Tag-Team Bout:
CHET STERLING & Worldwide Television Champion SMITH GARRETT
VS. ARIC ANDREWS & any partner of his choosing
Sterling made the challenge at our last event after he and Garrett thwarted yet another attempt by Andrews to attack the champion from behind. Now it will be 2 on 2 to hopefully settle the issue that’s been brewing between all three.

For the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Championship:
ARIK “ACE” ROYAL & “THE ASSASSIN” RAY KANDRACK extend their open challenge to any 2 challengers from anywhere! Will we see two singles wrestlers pair up, a debuting new duo or even a returning tag-team from the past?!

MICHAEL “THE FURY” MCALLISTER says he’s finally found “HIM” — will the “HIM” he’s spent over a year looking for finally appear?!

THE TOMMY THOMAS made a surprise appearance at our last event vowing that he would bring “upgrades” to CWF MId-Atlantic at the Homecoming. We aren’t sure precisely what that means, but Thomas has confirmed he’ll be in the Sportatorium on May 14.

Plus MUCH more to be announced featuring Rising Generation League Champion JESSE ADLER, ETHAN ALEXANDER SHARPE & #MONEYBALL, the monstrous MECHA MERCENARY and more!

$10 advanced tickets are available NOW at

Look for event updates on this page AND as we get closer to the event!