Mr. Chance Alberta
5′ 8″ 175 lbs.

Diabolical manager from Calgary, Canada. Instense hatred of everything American has embroilled him into a feud with “Pride of the USA” Don Kernodle. Will stop at nothing to destroy the Kernodle name. Manages Black Hart but will pay anyone to do his dirty work.


“Nite Stic” Eddie Brown
6′ 1″ 235 lbs.

Looking to bring a new kind of law and order to the Carolinas. Carries a night stick to the ring but you would rather get hit with that instead of his finisher, a devastating spinning gutwrench powerbomb.


Ethan Cage
6′ 1″ 230 lbs.

Technically gifted grappler with international experience. Wines and dines with the Hollywood scene. Has held numerous regional titles including NWA Mid-Atlantic Junior Hvywt., Bahama Island, and Mexican National. Top contender for the FWA-Carolinas Hvywt. Title.


Iron Chief
6′ 2″ 285 lbs.

Authenic Indian Chief. Has held numerous regional titles. Known for incredible, and we do mean incredible, chops.


Caprice “ICE” Coleman
6′ 0″ 192 lbs.

High flying cruiserweight that has all the tools to gain championship gold in the Carolinas. Former NWA-Georgia Jr. Hvywt. Champion.


Fun Lovin’ Criminal
6′ 3″ 265 lbs.

Standout football player at Lenior-Rhyne College. XFL recruit. Rookie wrestler plans to return to wrestling action at the end of the season.


Lexie Fyfe

One of the top women’s wrestlers in the United States. Has toured extensively in Europe and South America. Many regional titles, but has eyes set on the new FWA World’s Womens Championship.


Gemini Kid
6′ 1″ 199 lbs.

Self proclaimed “International Superstar” having competed in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Japan. Posesses devastating kicks. Master of many submission holds, including the STF. Legendary feud in the Carolinas with a young Shane Helms. Currently in a bitter feud with Mikael Yamaha. Has held numerous titles, but has settled into the cruiserweight niche staying just under the maximum weight.



Little is known of this mysterious man other than the hatred he has for Madd Maxx. Gee has interjected himself in Maxx’s matches numerous times.


Eddie Gilchrist
FWA-Carolinas Commissioner

Hired by the FWA to bring law-and-order to the Carolinas. Gilchrist has major connections in the wrestling world and has plans to take the promotions to new heights.


Mike Hard
6′ 4″ 265 lbs.

Great scientific wrestler but prefers to brawl. Participant in the top 2 indy matches of the 90’s as voted by Too many championships to begin to list. Tours extensively with the WWF. Currently touring with Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky.


Black Hart
6′ 1″ 290 lbs.

Incredible scientific grappler from Calgary, Canada. Placed into feud with Don Kernodle by his manager, Mr. Chance Alberta. So far unsuccessful in capturing Kernodle’s United States Title. Has vowed to present the belt to the Hart family.


Shane Helms
6′ 1″ 190 lbs.

Reigning WCW World Cruiserweight Champion and former WCW World Hardcore Champion. Participant in the top 2 indy matches of the 90’s as voted by Was known as a star in the Carolinas long before he became a star in WCW. “The Innovation of Devastation” has created many new manuevers that wows the crowds including the “VerteBreaker” and the “Nightmare on Helms Street.”


Amber Holly

Voted “Rookie of the Year” in the all women’s promotion, PGWA. Steadily working her way into contention for the FWA Women’s World Title with victories over veterans like Desiree Petersen. Also accompanies Mikael Yamaha to the ring.


Rusty James

Charlotte, N.C.’s premiere sports agent. Responsible for signing the best talent away from the Hornets and Panthers to other teams. Responsible for numerous overseas tours for Gemini Kid. Has started to appear at ringside to help his client regain the FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight Title.


Jeff Justice
6′ 5″ 284 lbs.

Former FWA-Carolinas Heavyweight Champion. Looking to reclaim the title from Madd Maxx. Nicknamed “Awesome” from the response of fans for his devastating running powerbomb and running powerslam elicits.


Don Kernodle
6′ 1″ 290 lbs.

Legend in the NWA. 3-Time NWA World Tag Team Champion (w/Sgt. Slaughter; w/Bob Orton, Jr.; w/Ivan Koloff) and 2-time NWA World Six Man Champion. Has also held numerous regional titles. National amateur champion. Literally won his way in the pro ranks after wrestling former Olympic wrestler, Bob Roop. One of the toughest men to ever compete in the sport.


Rocky Kernodle
6′ 0″ 230 lbs.

Another NWA legend, brother of Don Kernodle. Has held numerous regional titles. All around grappler… excellent mat wrestler, aerial, and brawler. Extremely quick and delivers incredible punches.


5′ 11″ 189 lbs.

The happy-go-lucky luchadore from Mexico. Enjoys the fans and makes sure they enjoy his matches. Lucha style confounds opponents and referees alike. Together with Super Kozmo, the team known as “Los Latinos Locos” are the current FWA-Carolinas Tag Team Champions.


Super Kozmo
5′ 11″ 189 lbs.

Friend or relative of Kozmo. Also a luchadore from Mexico. Found out about the fun Kozmo was having in the Carolinas, so he has began touring here too. Together with Kozmo, the team known as “Los Latinos Locos” are the current FWA-Carolinas Tag Team Champions.


5′ 9″ 172 lbs.

Best summed up as “Britney Spears in drag.” Incredible high flying athlete that the fans absolutely love. His intro is better than Britney’s! Former NWA Geogia Junior Hvy. Champion. Often wins via his “Britney Spear.”


Madd Maxx
6′ 2″ 272 lbs.

Consumate veteran of the ring. Has toured extensively internationally. WWF and WCW regular. Has taken to a hardcore style, earning him the nickname of “Chairman of the FWA.” Too many titles to list. Current FWA-Carolinas Heavyweight Champion.


Victoria Michaels

Valet to the stars. Has accompanied many greats to the ring, including Matt & Jeff Hardy, and Bobby Eaton. Recently has been Jeff Justice’s valet.


Shannon Moore
5′ 11″ 183 lbs.

Former WCW World Hardcore Champion. Part of 3-Count with Shane Helms and Evan Karagious.


5′ 10″ 176 lbs.

Known as “The Freak Show.” One look and you’ll know why. His unusual style frustrates opponents and often leads to victory for Nemesis. A high-flier that is one of the top cruiserweights in the Carolinas.


5′ 11″ 188 lbs.

Rookie competitor with the heart of a veteran. Not afraid of any challenges. After a successful tour of the Carolinas, now touring Oklahoma, but plans to return.


Patrick O’Hara
6′ 0″ 235 lbs.

Cagey veteran from Scotland. Seconded by his personal valet, Jeeves. O’Hara’s English style and submission techniques make him a threat for any opponent.


Cham Pain
6′ 0″ 202 lbs.

Former ECW star and icon in the Carolinas. A unique mix of hardcore and lucha styles keeps him at the top of the list for contenders to any title. Incredible corkscrew plancha from the ringpost to the floor has wowed many.


  Desiree Petersen

Legend in the sport. Former WWF Women’s Tag Team Champion. Frequent international tours has kept her out of the U.S. press. Seeking to regain that by challenging for the FWA Women’s World Title.


Hot Property
6′ 0″ 229 lbs.

Recognized as one of the best wrestlers on the east coast. His “5-Star Frog Splash” is one of the best in the world. Former NWA Virginia Junior Hvywt. Champion, now looking to gain heavyweight gold.


$outh$ide Playas
Combined weight: 438 lbs.

“Money” and “Cash” bring a funky fresh attitude to the Carolinas. The fans love them for their action packed tag team maneuvers and hip-hop style. They plan on adding more than gold around their necks as they fight their way to the FWA-Carolinas Tag Team gold belts.


Vern Stephens

Veteran referee that calls it right down the middle. One of the best referees around.


“Iceman” Joe Storm
6′ 0″ 225 lbs.

Known for his hardcore tendancies, but will take to the air and put his body on the line to win. Reigning East Coast Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion with eyes on titles throughout the FWA.


David Taylor
6′ 1″ 222 lbs.

Smooth in and out of the ring. This many-time champion can talk the talk, and walk the walk. Master of the DDT and Figure-4 leglock. Don’t forget his blistering chops! Has no reservation for using every trick in the book to win.


Sexton Tyler
6′ 0″ 187 lbs.

Popular high-flying cruiserweight working his way up the contenders list with some recent great victories.


William Wealth III
6′ 0″ 188 lbs.

Wealth’s vast monetary reserves bought his way into the sport. He paid the WWF’s Hardy Boyz a rumored $50,000 each to prepare him for action. Has proved that he has the talent too by picking up each and every manuever the Hardy’s taught him. A serious threat to the cruiserweight title.


Mikael Yamaha
5′ 11″ 178 lbs.

Trained by Shane Helms. A true ring general that can high-fly, grapple, and slug it out. Has held many titles but has gained the most exposure by dethroning the Gemini Kid for the FWA-Carolinas Cruiserweight Title. His recent victories over Gemini brought him to WCW for possible consideration as they add talent to their cruiserweight division. Is normally accompanied by the lovely, Amber Holly.



Was a surprise valet to counter Amber Holly at ringside for Gemini Kid’s title defense against Mikael Yamaha. Gemini still lost the title and X-Tasi has disappeared from the scene. No one is sure when she will return, but this vixen is one to watch!